SteamPunk is Abney Park

Hay El Moochadors, I got two things I want to cover in this post, first I just got back from Las Vegas and ill sharing some of my more nerd related pics at the end of the post. Am really fond of the one of myself and the “she bitch” from “Army of darkness” taken at the Planet Hollywood.

Now lets get on with the show I would love to introduce you guys to one of my favorite bands . Most Steam Punks should already be familiar with Abney Park as there on of the biggest Steam punk bands, sealing out convention centers. The lead singer Captain Robert sings into a 1930’s mic all of there instruments are hand crafted. Abney Park has been proclaimed the face of steam punk, and I have to agree. They first pooped up on my radar about two years ago while I was researching steampunk for a book I was working on. It was at this time I heard one of the coolest song I have ever heard “Dear Ophelia” witch is a steam punk song inspired by the tragic relationship of Ophelia and Hamlet in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Now much like “kiss” there’s to sides of Abney Park there is the smooth sexy jazzy side that you can hear on there albums and there is the dangerous crazy side that you get a glimpse at during a live show. I enjoy this band so much I paid real money for there music… (I know I can’t believe people still do that either). Best known for “Airship Pirates” Abney Park is not just a gimmick band they have been performing as a steampunk band since the early 90’s, these guy helped influence steam punk as we know it today.

And now as promised photos of myself because no one asked

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  1. So in the third picture there you decided to take off yer clothes (and beard…) and crawl around on a glass floor?

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