Darkwing Duck

Hey Geeks… I feel like total shit tonight. I went to a Christmas party on Saturday night and, along with some Anime DVDs I got in a White Elephant, came home with somebody’s cold. Yesterday and today I’ve been a walking and shivering mound of festering snot. Worse part is, yesterday I had a job interview and today I had two people contact me about doing some work for them. Do you have any idea how bad it sucked trying to remain composed through an interview while still buzzing from all the NyQuil I took the night before, and trying to keep yourself from hacking up a lung as you’re trying to present your resume and portfolio??? So to who ever got me sick on Saturday, you are now my mortal enemy, and I hope to see you drown in a bowl of your own vomit and piss. Fucking mouth-breathers out there…

Anyhow—holy shit I’m feeling lightheaded right now—anyhow… here’s some nifty geek stuff I’ve seen the last couple days. Like this awesome Darkwing Duck illustration (above) by DeviantArt member Real-SonkeS. Sorry I really don’t know a lot about this artist other than they appear to be from Russia.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen the Dark Knight Rises trailer a couple dozen times already.

I guess some people are starting to bitch about Bane’s voice; it’s too muddle or you can’t understand him. I didn’t really have a problem with it, or at least it didn’t bug me too bad. I think my problem is I’m not that excited to see the film, which sucks because I really enjoyed the first two Nolan films. Over the last few months it’s felt like we’ve been barraged with photos from the set, sneak peaks, rumors, etc… I think the film has kind of been spoiled for me. However I am getting more interested in seeing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

I think mostly I’m interested in this because I know nothing about it, except it sort of, but probably not, has something to do with the Xenomorphs from the Alien films, and might, possibly tell us something about the “Space Jockey” from the first Alien film. Yeah…

Awesome Mer-Man Illustration


Another Deviant Art find, this one by one of my favorite artists on there David Rapoza. Check out more of his work in his gallery, like some of his other MOTU illustrations.

Kenner Yoda

Kenner Yoda

Okay, one more DA find then I’ll move on to other stuff. This awesome piece of Geek Art is by illustrator Bruce White. Definitely check out his gallery if you get a chance.

Sexy Slave Leia Illustration

Leia and the Robot by Che-Che

I found this one on… where the fuck did I… I found this one on GeekTyrant.com. I’m not sure who Che Che is, but he’s my new favorite illustrator.

Alright… that’s all I got… or that’s all I can do for now… I gotta go lay down. My head is really spinning now.

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