Peephole Circus

I’m kind of having a shitty night here El Moochadors. Things were going great until 4:45 when Trog came busting in and started pounding on the bathroom door (which I was on the other side), screaming that he needed in there immediately. I don’t like to be rushed, but I did what I could, and as I opened the door he literally dove in (no joke) then started to kick at me to get out. After he slammed the door shut and started to make sounds nobody on this earth should be capable of making, he shouted through the door that there was a package at the post office and I needed to run down and grab it… oh and it closes at five, so hurry! After fighting through traffic and making it down there in the last two minutes before they shut the door I find out, NOPE, sorry, there is no package, and have no idea if there was one, or where it’s coming from, if there’s a tracking number, etc… I’m kind of pissed I had to make the trek down there for nothing, so to cheer myself up, I head over a couple blocks to a cafe that I know makes a really great chai latte. I get the chai, and on the way out I guess I brushed to close to a tree with a fucking metal guard around it (what the fuck are those things for anyhow). Well, the sleeve to my jacket snagged it (tearing the jacket), jerking back my arm and somehow causing the chai to pop like a fucking water balloon in my hand. Pipping hot chai exploded all over me. FUCK! It still pisses me off when I think about it. And I really liked that jacket too. It was leather, and black. Every time I put it on I felt like Knight Rider. FUCK! I almost feel like crying right now… Yes, I blame all this on Trog. Muther Fucking ass munch piece of…


Anyways, I got an email earlier from Matt. Looks like he’s an animator and sent me a link to one of his videos from his YouTube channel, Peephole Circus. Here’s the link he sent me below.

Yep, that’s pretty much what I wanted to do to Santa this year. I started to browse around his channel and I found some more nifty stuff on there. Like this AT-AT video.


Fucking ruined that jacket! And it’s cold right now, so I kind of need it. But what am I suppose to do now, duck tape it? Fuck. Sorry, can’t seem to let go of it right now… Anyhow, if you get a chance visit Matt’s channel there on Youtube, or visit his Facebook page. Enjoy the rest of your evening El Moochadors. I’m gotta go find something to punch… like Trog…

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