New Years Eve Moo

Happy New Years Eve people. I hope this next year turns out great for all of us… unless you’re a dick head. Then I hope this next year you realize your dickishness and change your ways so you’ll have a good 2013—unless of course the world erupts in flames and death next December, or what ever it is the Tin Foil Hat crowd is predicting. If that happens I guess it doesn’t matter. Whether we’re all going to die, or be enslaved by alien lizard overlords from Nibiru, or just carry on like we always do, I think we should all try to make this next year a good one and enjoy ourselves. I have few things here as far as resolutions that I’d like to see happen and try to make 2012 more enjoyable for myself, my family, the rest of the Atomic Moo crew, and those who enjoy this site (all two of you…):

  1. First is to keep going with Atomic Moo, and continue to try and get a daily post of the things I find interesting. Yeah, I’ll probably slip up every now and then and miss a day, but I’ve done pretty good so far and I’d like to keep up with it.
  2. Second is to continue on with the Moocast. The Atomic Moocast is my brother Trog’s project, but I enjoy being a part of it, and it’s definitely become the highlight of my week. I’d like to see us continue to work out the kinks, keep working on the format and really build it up into something enjoyable for everyone… except for dick heads. Dick heads don’t enjoy anything. Something I would like to see on the Moocast are more interviews with geek creatives. The few that we’ve had on so far I thought were great, and I love hearing about their processes and inspirations. I’m hoping some of their creativity rubs off on us and we’ll be more fired up for our own projects.
  3. I definitely want to do more creative projects and promotional work for Atomic Moo (free wallpapers, paper craft projects, prints, t-shirts, cards, barcode tattoos for your foreheads, etc…). Hell, one of the reasons I started this site was to have something of my own to create for. The projects I do for the site from now on I’d like to keep Atomic Moo specific. Before in the past I would do a Storm Trooper Wallpaper, or cut-out mask of a dead writer. They were fun projects to work on, but I want to get more focused here with the site.
  4. Eventually I’d like to do the site redesign I keep talking about. Change the look of the site, get a new theme, tweak the logo a bit (I keeping the cow no matter what, but I have some ideas for the type), and get a forum like Buttery Wholesomeness keeps asking for. I was gearing up to do all that back in June, but then I quit my job, and been freelancing ever since, and just haven’t had the time or the money to do anything.
  5. Another thing I’d like to figure out is how to use YouTube to promote the site.  D20 mentioned he had an idea, and so did Trog. I’ve had a couple ideas myself, like doing reviews, but I don’t want to put my ugly mug on video. We’re trying to draw people to the site after all…
  6. The only other thing I would like to do for Atomic Moo this next year is try and do a web comic for the site. That’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but just haven’t had the balls to try it. Trog and I have come up with a few ideas we’d like to try out, and even the other night I was doodling some character ideas for one of them. I know Sir Noel has mentioned he would like to do one, and he’s more than welcome to. So, hopefully, something will happen this next year with that.

Well that’s all I’ve got as far as New Year’s resolutions for 2012 for Atomic Moo. My personal resolutions include stuff like earn a stable income, create more, get a date and break my current dry spell, figure out what this rash is before I get the date (just kidding ladies… or am I…?), pay down debt and save more. Kind of every day Joe stuff… Any constructive feed back on how we’re doing or how we can improve is always welcome, and I hope you all keep coming back to the site this next year.

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  1. Richard Headington

    12/31/2011 at 7:36 pm

    From the office of Richard Headington
    Director of Operations

    Dear Sir,

    As Director of Operations for the Association for the Fair Treatment of Dick Heads and Douche Bags, (A.F.T.D.H.D.B) I must take issue whit your blatant and deliberately hurtful denial of “Happy New Year Wishes” to a target group that my Association happens to represent. Dick Heads are people too Sir, and I for one am deeply offended that you would withhold glad tidings from a select group of individuals based solely on your clearly bigoted and erroneously preconceived notion of said groups “dickishness”. Words can be weapons Sir, and you have clearly rattled your saber here today. I would ask that you remove from your Blog the above post, where your lack of tolerance and clear hatred of Dick Heads is so brazenly displayed. Dick Heads are good people, but ignorant haters like you make them out to be “Dick Heads” and act as though we are some kind of plague. Every Dick Head has a right to a Happy New year you fucking turd! Just because we are crass, rude, pushy and vulgar by no means gives you the right to exclude us from the ringing in of the New Year! You shit eating dog raper! I have a right mind to get stinking drunk, find out where you live, kick in your car window and shit in the drivers seat!! Dick Heads are not second class citizens you piece of butt-hole lint!! We are just misunderstood. We have feeling too you cock gobbling puddle of Gopher crap!!! Not take that fucking post down or I will be forced to send you another letter, and next time I won’t be so polite you heaping pile of fermented pig snot!!!


    Richard Headington

  2. Buttery Wholesomeness

    12/31/2011 at 8:02 pm

    There may be an interesting development. I will post details later, as they become available.

  3. Okay…

  4. And no, but sorry Mr. Headington, I won’t remove the post. I was talking about Dick Heads in general, or people with a “dickish” nature, not people who are named Dick Head. Happy New Year!

  5. and Saber or Scimitar???

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