Draenei [WoW Parody]

Holy cow, I’ve felt like shit all day. Now I have a couple more New Year’s resolutions: 1. I’m never getting drunk again, and 2. I’m staying away from Denny’s for the rest of the year. If I can keep with the first one, then I won’t have to worry about the second. I dunno… something about really really wanting a Lumberjack Slam when you’re extremely wasted… I’m sure there’s some sorta science behind it, ’cause there’s absolutely no other time I crave that shit. Anyhow, I’m still feeling pretty dizzy, so I’m going to make this a quick one. Below are some nifty creative and geeky YouTube videos I found in my reader. Usually I would go into where I found them, who created them, what they’re about, etc… but for tonight? Naw… If you’re really that curious about these, then just follow the links back. No disrespect to the creators, I’m just not feeling up to all that tonight. Enjoy.

Draenei WoW Parody

8 Bit Painted Animation on a Wall

Cosmo New Year

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