Ola El Moochadores and I hope you’re all having a fine evening. Feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve done a post that didn’t envolve the Atomic Moocast, so this should be a nice change of pace. Also, real quick; I want to say thanks to people who have liked us on Facebook recently. We’re still small potatoes, but it’s good to see some people throwing a little support behind the site and the ‘Moocast. So, Anywhat… there’s a bunch of stuff to put up tonight and It’s just about my bed time, so let’s get into it with…

Darth Vader actor Bob Anderson dead at 89

Via Brethren Moo Ken Morris and the Huff Post: Actor Bob Anderson has died at age 89. Anderson has was an Olympic class dueler and over the years had worked with and appeared in Hollywood’s most famous duel scenes. According to the article I read Anderson had spent most of his life training to duel and spent the better part of five decades working with every sort of actor that had to wield a sword. Of course we know Anderson has the man who made Darth Vader such a bad ass with the light saber. In the original trilogy Anderson would often dress in the Vader costume and perform the late saber duels opposite Mark Hamill. Anderson died early on New Years Day in an English hospital.


Golly, but I love Geek-Art.net. Check out this cool, and exclusive, bit of art you can purchase at their shop right now:

Inspector Space Time

Via Geek Tyrant, Check out this wonderful, “Community” based art by artist Sam Spratt. Oh, and damn you to hell NBC should you ever cancel this show! If Community goes away, then I seriously hope cable kicks your peacock feathered ass!

Okay brethren, I’ve got to turn in and go to bed so that’s all from me for tonight. Keep coming back though, Chudd we’ll have some more stuff in the morning and of course there’s another Moocast in the works. Night all!

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