An Evening Moo: Hot Blade Runner Illustration, Geeks vs. Nerds, Battlestar Galactica RPG and Other Stuff

Blade Runner-Rachel

Hey El Moochadors. Alright… I’m gonna try doing this while chatting it up with some of the other members of the Moocast. We’re kind of going over tomorrow’s Moocast and swearing to each other that none of us will drink during it… yeah…. Anyhow, I spotted some really nifty stuff on my reader tonight that I wanted to share with you all tonight. Like this nifty illustration I spotted over on by DeviantArt member Alex Amezcua. It’s kind of interesting that this illustration popped up. I’ve been strangely obsessed with Blade Runner lately. Mostly, I think, because I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, and with out a doubt Blade Runner will knock me out every time. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the movie all the way through with out passing out at some point during it. Alright, now before your nerd rage takes over and you start carving my name into a bullet, I’m not saying Blade Runner is a bad movie. I actually really like it. It’s stylistically awesome, and it makes you think about what it is to be human… but it does knock my ass out… Anyways, the illustration above is super awesome, and I really wish I had a print of it. Alex has some other amazing stuff in his gallery that you should definitely check out, like his Elvira pin-up.


Nerd vs. Geek Infographic

Take a look at this nifty infographic that I spotted over on I’ve always thought there was a third, lower class, that I’m afraid I fall into, and that, of course, is the lowly Dork. Dorks like all the same shit that Geeks and Nerds do, but are far less intelligent and try to make up for it by taking Tae Kwon Do classes.

Geek vs. Nerd

 Battlestar Galactica RPG—CollegeHumor

Ha! Makes me hate the later seasons a little less…

Pingu’s The Thing

Check out this video from Lee Hardcastle on YouTube. The plot of The Thing is already great, but recast it with claymation penguins and it becomes a couple more buckets of awesome. You can check out more of his stuff on his YouTube channel, and also his website.  He’s also on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    01/05/2012 at 11:39 am

    The Thing is glorious, in all of it’s incarnations.

  2. Buttery Wholesomeness

    01/06/2012 at 5:38 pm

    But, especially in this one.

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