At last years Comic Con 2011 Chudd and I had the opportunity to meet the creators of Steam Crow ( and yes, they do make monsters. Wonderfully creative and masterfully illustrated monsters.

Steam Crow began back in 2005 when artist Daniel and Dawna Davis decided to start making odd, strange, and really cool pieces of art and selling them online and at conventions. On their site they say their art has a “spookycute aesthetic”, which is just the best way to describe what they do.

I don’t want to call the art simplistic, because it’s not and that’s not the right word anyways, but there is something unique and engaging about it that makes me want to see more. They use a great mix of classic monsters and original creations to make their own stylized series of prints, books, and novelty gifts that I find really kind of inspiring. Especially for two art wannabes like Chudd and I.

Seriously, go visit their site and If your interested in adding some Steam Crow art to your collection then check out their store where you can find a number of prints and posters for sell.

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