An Evening Moo: Awesome Geek Art, Hogwarts Walk of Shame, and Lazy Jedi

Ackbar Trap by Wraithdt

Hey El Moochadors… I think all that shit about Friday the 13th is real. Today has just gone from suck to blow. Sorry, I’m off to a negative start here. I’ll try to be more positive from here on out. Anyhow, sorry we missed a post yesterday, but both Trog and I got caught up in the Moocast and really didn’t have time. Hopefully Trog will have that edited and done with real soon here.

I did come across some nifty stuff worthy of a Moo tonight. Like the image above by DeviantArt member Wraithdt. His real name is Darren Tan, an artist from Singapore. From the description on this piece it says it was suppose to be for the Star Wars Galaxies trading card game. If you look through his gallery you’ll see a few more kick ass looking pieces he’s done for that game. I highly recommend you check them out.

Walk of Shame

Alright, I’m starting to think the Hogwart’s school girl look is pretty hot now… Hogwart’s was a college right? So it’s okay to have those kind of thought’s… right? Shit, I’m not in trouble for saying that now am I? I should read those books one of these days… see what the deal was with Merlin and Aslan, who apparently was a lion that transformed into Jesus. Anyhow, the chicks here are pretty cute, have nice voices, and appear to be legal, so take a look at the video below. They have more stuff on their Youtube channel, like a Hogwart’s advice video that’s worth checking out to.

What the fuck is a hufflepuff?

Lazy Jedi

A Jedi for our generation…

Awesome Comic Book Cover Redesign

Paticio Oliver: New Mutant Cover Redesign

I saw this on, by Patricio Oliver, an illustrator from Buenos Aires. Looks like he did a few more New Mutant cover redesigns, and you can check them out here. Honestly, I think I like his better. He’s got a really nice simplified style that I really like, something I keep trying to push for in my own work but I keep failing miserably.

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  1. Hey now, we’ve already seen that “Walk of Shame” video!

    I learned what a Hufflepuff was from the movie: it’s one of the four dormitories at the school. A bit like saying, “Ew, you’re going with one of the guys from West?”

    Did you guys ever actually do your Harry Potter show, or is that a long running in-joke I’m not getting?

  2. Mister Trog

    01/14/2012 at 8:57 am

    Yeah we did a Harry Potter episode… and then dragged it out to the desert, shot it in the head, and buried it so that it will never be heard again. It started out as a drunken ramble and slowly disintegrated from there. Maybe, one day, if Chudd loses all sense of shame, then we’ll dig it back up and post it, but until then… nah.

  3. NO. I’m happy to let that one go and be forgotten.

  4. And sorry for re-posting that video… I’d forgotten Trog had posted it before. What, you think I pay attention to what goes on here???

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