Invisible Woman by gb2k

Hey El Moocahdors and fellow geeks. I’ve been following this guy’s work on DeviantArt for awhile now, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a post about him (Trog and Necko will correct me if I’m wrong), which is too bad because he has some really great looking stuff, and I really like his style of pin-up art. His name is Garrett Blair (or gb2k on DeviantArt), an illustrator from Seattle. His brother, Scott Blair, is another artist who’s work I also greatly admire… and fiendishly envy (MUHAHAHAHAH!).

I’ll post a few more images of his below. Definitely check out his DA gallery and his website for more great work. He’s also on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow his work there. Enjoy!

Harley Quinn

Felicia Tease

Savage Lan Aayla Secura

Padme OOPS


Abbey Chase

CBChibi Ash




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