Hey El Moochadors… I got home a while ago, but, after peddling my ass back and forth to the train station these last couple days, I crashed on the couch when I got home and just woke up. Still, I managed to give a glance at my reader and found a couple things of interest. These Mondo posters I came across on GeekTyrant.com, by illustrator Martin Ansin. If those are vector (which they look like they are) then I feel like a worthless pile of shit. I’ve been trying to be a vector artist for almost eight years now and I’m no where near that skill level. Apparently they glow in the dark to. They go on sale on the 19th if you’re interested in buying one.

More stuff below if you’re interested

FDR American Badass

I’m not sure if this is a joke or not… hell, I’d pay to see it.

“Community” Cast Members Drawn as the X-Men

Nifty illustration by Aviv Or, and 27 year old illustrator from Israel. Being a big fan of Community, I gotta kick outta this.

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