Evening Moo: Build Your Own TARDIS

I built a TARDIS

I thought I would do a really quick post of something I came across earlier on… well, I can’t remember now where I found this… Anyhow, this really really cute British, or German, chick here (I’m not sure what she is… She’s definitely foreign) for some reason decided to build her own collapsible TARDIS from Doctor Who. She goes by the name sillysparrowness on YouTube. Says she’s a German teacher on her channel page (does that mean she teaches German, or she’s a teacher in Germany?). She’s actually pretty entertaining to watch, and overall she does a hell of a job. Check it out, maybe it’ll inspire you to go out and build your own TARDIS.

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1 Comment

  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    01/29/2012 at 10:57 am

    You know, this Dr. Who thing must be pretty special to drive the fans into this level of amateur woodworking. For my part, I haven’t yet seen a single episode.

    I will wait patiently while all of the Dr. Who fans pick themselves up off the floor.

    Also, while she was swearing like a pirate, trying to assemble the frame and tie the panels to the framework, I laughed like an idiot. I know just enough German to know what she was saying, and it wasn’t “Oh, come on!” or “Gee!” But, you know, bonus points for making me think of the Jive-Talkin’ scene from Airplane.

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