Hey El Moochadoers. The thing is, sometimes after a really bad day, you go looking for a cliff to jump off of, but just can’t find one high enough to get the job done. Then, somehow, you find your way home without having walked out in front of oncoming traffic, boot up the computer, and find your way into Atomic Moo; which is actually “Refreshingly Geek.” Well, enough of that. There’s some cool stuff on the net and I’d like to share some of it here. For example: Check out the next Sacha Baron Cohen opus via this great Super Bowl Ad.

Cool… and in other geek stuff…

What Space Invaders Would Look Like in Real Life

Via Neatorama.com: This is… ugh. Yeah, I don’t think we as a society needed to see this. I’m cool with the pixels.

Just for Fun…

Okay guys, I’ve got to go to bed. New Atomic Moocast coming soon so you have that to look forward too. Night all.

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