Good evening El Moochadores, and wow, it feels really good to be home. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a job. It’s just getting to go home from that job is a wonderful sort of awesome and with a little practice I think I can develop a mental block for the times I have to be there. But enough about that. I’d rather spend my precious time this evening sharing some great internet finds with you, my favorite Brethren (or sister… Sisteren(?), what’s the girl equivalent of “brethren”?) Moo. For example; This morning the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer hit the web. Okay, it sucks they gave the role of Spidey to a tea sip’n brit (no offense) but the film might actually be good. Here’s to hoping, right? Check out the trailer and form your own opinion…

…and else where on the Web…

Water Drops Orbiting a Needle in Space!

Via; Check out this cool science video from the international Space Station of a needle that has been charged with static electricity and then water drops let loose around them. Science, I love you most of all!

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You know what guys, I’m beat and I really want to go to bed so that’s it. More post coming soon and a new Moocast is in the works. Night folks!”>

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