I thought I would do I quick post before the day is officially over of some great looking Star Wars illustrations I saw earlier (sorry, I can’t remember where… and I’m too tired to look it up…) by Christopher Lee. Wait… er…Dracula? Saruman? Count Dooku? Naw, I doubt it’s the same guy. Alright, it’s not… I just read his about page. Says he’s an illustrator from Van Nuys. These are pretty awesome and definitely worth checking out. Plenty of other great stuff on his site (like his Mighty Mug Work), so take a look when you get a chance. Alright, I’m off. Trog isn’t done with the last Moocast yet, so I gotta go crack’im in the side of the skull and make sure he gets it done. Later.

Ahhh… what the hell. I watched this earlier on YouTube, and it kind of relates. Fucking awesome show that had way too few episodes. Check it out below.

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