Atomic Moocast #23: Interview with Steam Crow!

Good evening El Moochadores and how the hell are you tonight? Good, I hope, and probably better once you give the new Atomic Moocast a listen. On this episode we had the opportunity to interview Steam Crow creator, Daniel Davis. Many thanks to Daniel for spending some time on our podcast and telling us all about his illustrations, wonderful creative web site, and making money at the cons!

Later in the Moocast (after the break) D20 jumps in the recording for a little “Moo-News” and helps us establish a key part of the cult of the Atomic Moo… The Danhood. All is explained on the Moocast, Mu HA HA Ha! Okay, enough of that. So, this is it folks! Squeeze on in to that comfy chair, pop the tab on that fizzy soda, get your best girl to curl up next to you, and hit play to start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


Music used by the Atomic Moo cast is royalty free and was created and composed by Kevin MacLeod and can be found at Please support this site!

Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Enter The Party
  • As I Figure
  • Gagool



Hey El Moochadores!

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  1. I have seen Daniel Davis once. He is definitely a character and…his mustache was awesome. I love their works I was all my life interested in mystery and monsters and everything spooky. I adore their concept of monsters and vintage style. Nice podcast!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully we’ll get another chance to talk with Daniel again, and maybe other creatives like him.

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