Good evening El Moochadores! Tonight, I mostly have a collection of movie trailers to post about. The big summer blockbusters are just around the corner and I thought (sometimes I do that folks) it would be cool to take a look at a few of the things Hollywood is tossing our way this year. Oh, and that image at the top of the page comes our way via Okay, I couldn’t find Waldo but try and find Dr. Who instead. Wait, maybe Dr. Who and Waldo are one and the same? That would explain a lot.


New Prometheus Trailer

Prometheus – International Teaser Trailer #1… by addictomovie

New Spider-Man Trailer

Sorry about the subtitles

The Amazing Spider-Man – International Trailer… by addictomovie

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Chudd may have already posted about this… but it’s still fucking awesome!

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter – International… by addictomovie

The Avengers

The Dark Knight Rises

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