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I hate the term “suffer with (or through) depression.” I admit all the time here and on the Moocast that I see a therapist and take medication for depression (fuck it, I know I’m not alone in this day and age), but I don’t feel like I “suffer” with it. At least I usually don’t, then I have a day like today and then I must reluctantly nod my head and say “yup, I’m a suffer’n.” Sorry to bring things down so much, but honestly I feel like shit. Not because of anything on Atomic Moo, but mostly because of a wonderful mix of love-life and work. It’s dumb and not worth going into (and I’m definitely the cause of all my own woe) but I feel bad and this is one of the few outlets for my emotions I have right now. And to be honest, it’s working. For example; Just working on this post is helping me feel better. That image above (VW ATAT) is fucking great to look at and kudos to the slick fuckers that put that thing together. So, I feel better because I get to work on Atomic Moo. Atomic Moo is making me feel better. Very Nice.

Here’s something else that makes me feel better…

Community Returns

The internet just told me (we are good friends…) that on March 15th the best sit-com ever (Community will return to NBC to finish it’s 3rd season! Though, those same internet sources also say the show is unlikely to get a 4th season (d’oh!). Go suck a dick NBC! For the few of you out there who haven’t seen this great show check out the video below for a small taste of greatness.

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  1. Wait, that was “all” his rulebooks? I didn’t think it was possible to play with fewer than a dozen!

    Also, isn’t it about time for a sequel to Spies Like Us?

  2. Mister Trog

    02/22/2012 at 6:06 am

    The best part of that episode (for those who saw it) was Chang coming to the table dressed as a Drow. (did I spell Drow right?)

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