A wonderful cocktail of financial stress, overwork, and worry has kept us from posting on the Moo as often as we would like but we’re still here and we’re still excited and energized to make something out of nothing. So, in the spirit of not buckling and giving up, I’m back again with a few interesting bits of internet and (possibly a later post) a brand new Moocast.


Auntie Em, It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister!

So, turns out that earlier this month there was a little bit of a storm on the face of the sun that caused a tornado the size of Earth to form and start whipping about at a rate of 300,000 mph. Check out this awesome video via NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

New Game of Thrones Season Two Trailer!

Get us s’more naked Daenerys!

This Can’t be a Real Level, Can It?

Via Geeks are Sexy check out Moltov Mario World Stages 1-6

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