Late Night Moo…

Okay. I know. You’ve taken a short break from internet porn and sexting that fat chick (you know, the one who works down at the Arby’s) just long enough to surf the web and maybe see what’s happening on the moo. So, I’ll just get right to the good stuff while you give your wrist some much needed rest from strenuous exercise.


The 50 Greatest Movie Freakouts Of All Time

World Wide Interweb put this out and it’s been all over the Web today and I love it. I just wish it had more Kinison.

Steam Crow Show – Tucson Festival of Books

Okay, this isn’t just a way to help out new Atomic Moo friend Daniel from Steam Crow, but I actually kind of like these videos. Check it out and if you’re in Tucson when this book festival comes around, go check that out too…

Funeral of Hiram Cronk 1905

It is because they post stuff like this that I am a huge fan of the website Neatorama. That and I’m also a huge history fanboy. Check out the 1905 filmed funeral procession for America’s final remaining soldier from the war of 1812.

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  1. That video missed the very best one, the “I’m mad as hell” rant from Network.

  2. Mister Trog

    02/28/2012 at 7:17 pm

    Oh yeah… good freak out. I can’t remember, but did it have any of Walter’s freak out moments from Big Lebowski?

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