Hey people… While Trog is getting everything set up for tonight’s Moocast, I thought I would do a quick post of some great looking posters I saw over on They’re by a Canadian ad agency, BlueBlancRouge—hmmm… I think those are colors…? I dunno, I flunked Spanish… Anyhow, I thought they were pretty bad ass and worthy of a “Moo”.  Looks like they’re part of the ad campaign for the Star Wars Identities Exhibition in Montréal, Canada. I’m not sure which one I like more, but the Darth Vader and C-3PO posters are my favorites from these. I’m kind of curious to see what a Chewbacca would’ve looked like. Check out the rest below. I’m going to go see if I can find something for dinner that once had a mother. Later!







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