Evening Moo: Catain Ameowicat, Sexy Vader, and Other Stuff…

Catain Ameowicat: The Furrst Scavenger by Cameron1395

Hey El Moochadors. I thought I’d take a break from vectoring and do something I haven’t done in awhile… a post. I’ve made it a goal that while I’m unemployed (or “Freelance” depending on how you look at it) to do at least one vector upload a day to the microstock sites I submit to. Okay, I’m not sure at all that it’ll get me anywhere, but I’ve gotta do something. Anyhow, I just finished another file, and I need to step away for a bit so I come back and view it with a cold eye (helps with spotting errors, flaws, or any corrections that need to be made). So, here’s some nifty stuff I found while browsing around on the internet, starting with this nifty Captain America/ Cat illustration (“Catain Ameowicat: The Furrst Scavenger”) I spotted in DeviantArt.com, by DA member Cameron1395. I’m not much of a cat person myself, but I thought it was a decent illustration and an interesting mash-up. He’s got some other interesting stuff in his gallery for you to check out when you get a chance.

Bikini Vader Lightsaber Stretch

Bikini Vader

Okay… I pulled this one off of Fashionablygeek.com, and it’s by Flickr user modelxing. I’m not sure what else to say about this… To each their own, I guess…

Interesting Star Wars Action Figure Animation

My only question here is, where the hell do you get those little peg board things for your action figures to stand on? I’ve got all my old Star Wars action figures up on a shelf, but they’re always toppling over if there’s even the slightest bump. Those things would really come in handy…

Well, I should get back to work. Hopefully Trog will get another Moocast finished soon (I think he’s sitting on three right now…), and we’ll keep trying to find time to post on here. Until then, later!

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  1. Hate to be the one to point this out, but that’s a furry picture. Notice the bulge?

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