Venom by David Rapoza

Alright… Trog informs me that he should have a Moocast delivered to me tonight. So, hopefully it’ll be on no later than tomorrow morning. Other than that, not much to report. Anyhow, here’s some nifty stuff I spotted on the internet tonight. The Venom image above I saw on, by David Rapoza. That’s probably one of the most bad ass illustrations of Venom that I’ve seen yet. He’s got more great work in his gallery definitely worth checking out.

Dungeons and Dragons for Normal Life

This reminds me I still need to pay the electric bill. I hope my bank account rolls a 20 so I can make it…


Virginia Pepper Potts Mark 1616 Cosplay by VampBeauty

Another DA find. Looks like it’s a version of the Iron Man suit for Miss Pepper Potts. It’s by VampBeauty, and, like most of her costumes, she wears it well.

Sorry, that’s all I have time for tonight. As soon as I post this I’ll go see if Trog is finished with the Moocast and see if we can’t get that posted ASAP. Later!

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