Wondercon 2012

Hey El, Moochadores on saint patrick’s day when you were getting drunk and trying to figure out if that cute thing in the corner at your brothers party was a he or a she I was at wondercon in Anaheim. This was my first Wondercon but I have been to almost 10 comic con’s and a couple LA wizard cons. The point is this was not my first con. Now I only went up for day so I can only talk about what went down on Saturday. Now Wondercon is a very small con compared to comic con witch is not a bad thing. The smaller conventions have a lot going on for them its easier to see the things you want to see and meet the people you want to meet, Hell I meet Mike Mignola just walking around. So don’t knok the smaller shows they can be just as fun, and I think your first con should be a smaller won other wise you don’t know what to do at comic con. Well wit that said I am gonna jump right into the negatives the first being parking, now every convention has this issue. But Wondercons second parking lot is a 30 min drive from the convention.

Above is a photo of the parking to show am not making this up and any one who has driven in Anaheim knows there streets were planed by a two year old with a box of crayons. There was a free shuttle provided from the convention to the parking lot. But the point is I should not have to take a buss to get from the parking lot to the convention and back.

Now as a said before Wondercon is a small show so the did not rent out the full convention center. A third of the building was used for wondercon and another third was used by a volleyball tournament and the final third was used by some big cheer leading show. Now at fist glance you would think awesome because there was half naked cheerleaders walking around in a comic book convention. But it maid me uneasy because as I was walking down the halls I would over hear things like “people dress up”? “theses people need to get a real life” and “whats an MMO”? Walking the halls just reminded me of high school. I felt this was unfair to wondercon because some people came a long way to get away from such attitudes. I did see one cheerleader almost in tears as she was yelling at some one for missing a “spot” oddly this scene maid me fell a little bit better about the odd mix.

I did not get to spend much time in the main floor because I was there for artist portfolio reviews that’s right I drove an hour and a half to get turned down by another comic book company(on a personal note this was the best portfolio review I have had in 10 years). How every I did get to go to the Wondercon Masquerade it did not have the rave atmosphere that the one at comic con dues. But it was a blast 22 contests preformed and showed off some bad ass costuming skills. So I leave you with some of my favorites pics.


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  1. Is there a person inside that last robot?

  2. Buttery Wholesomeness

    03/19/2012 at 12:41 pm

    Did the Jar-Jar guy live through the entire convention?

  3. yes there was a guy in the Prim costume and it did a laser show, as for Jar-Jar may he rest in peace

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