Awesome Webcomic: Hominids

Hominids by Jordan Kotzebue

Well, even though I feel completely exhausted and worn out, I have to say that it’s been a good day. I had an interview down in Del Mar that I felt went pretty good, but it was kind of ride to the nearest Coaster station (and even then I had to wait a couple hours for the next train). Once I was back in Carlsbad I stopped by the mall (I have ride past it anyhow) and found a used DVD of Ghost in the Shell pretty cheap, and then because it was buy one get one half off, I picked up a used copy the Macross Plus collection as well. Then, when I got home, I found a package from Utah waiting for me with two (yes, TWO!) tasty loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread inside (thanks Mom!). So, once inside my apartment, I ended up wolfing down half a loaf of pumpkin bread, then I passed out on the couch.

Two or three hours later, I awoke, cleaned up, ate more pumpkin bread, and then checked my email. That’s were I found a link to this pretty cool webcomic, Hominids by Jordan Kotzebue. Alright, I really don’t read enough webcomics, and that’s a shame ’cause I feel like I’m missing out on some cool stuff. However, I just read through the first two chapters, and six pages of the third chapter that are available on line. Now I’m very into it (hey, any comic that features a topless albino jungle girl is going to get my nod of approval).


Okay, so Jordan really knows how to draw, that’s pretty apparent, and I think he’s got a kick-ass style of illustration (I kind of like the big feet and Popeye arms on the Neanderthals). As far as the story, I found my self wanting to see more. I really don’t have any negative criticisms for this (maybe I’m just not trying hard enough… I am pretty tired after all).


Check it out for yourselves. Here’s another link to the comic for you (just in case you missed the ones above). He’s also on Facebook, so give Hominids a “like” when you get a chance.

I gotta go now. I swear I’m hearing a voice from the cupboard calling me to finish the pumpkin bread off. I better obey. I’ve learned from the past that’s it’s best to obey the voices from the cupboard. Later!

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  1. That’s right, eat all the bread before your bro’ gets any—and then brag about it to the world!

    Sounds like a good day.

  2. Can’t argue with that.

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