Atomic Moocast #26: Mainstream Nerds

Hello El Moochadores! It’s been a while since this Moocast has gone up and I’ve just now had enough time to get on an update the show notes for Episode #26. An excellent Moocast (in my opinion) where in Chudd and I had a discussion with D20 about modern geek culture going more mainstream.

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Songs used:

  • Kool Katz
  • Fast Talkin
  • As I Figure
  • Funk Game Loop

Additional Music Used:

  • Saftey Dance by Men without Hats, Released: Jan 01, 1983
    © 1983 Bulldog Brothers. Find Saftey Dance on iTunes.
  • Remember the Geek by MCRSI, © MCRSI. MCRSI on


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  1. D20 is bringing the heat tonight!

    Ooo, I hope I didn’t miss the “I hate high school” episode.

  2. Buttery Wholesomeness

    04/02/2012 at 3:03 pm

    Dude, it’s us. Every episode is the “I hated High School episode.”

  3. True… we tend to hate on a lot of things on the Moocasts. Maybe that’s something we need to fix.

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