Lab Rat

Hey El Moochadors… I should be vectoring right now, but I’m super tired, and just wanted to relax for a little bit and browse my reader. Besides, I have strange habit of keeping my shoes on when I work (even at home), and right now I’m in no hurry to put them back on. Anyhow, below are a few things of interest, and worthy of a Moo. The first thing I found was this trailer for a Portal Fan film, called Lab Rat. I have not had the opportunity to play either of the Portal games (’cause I’m broke and my XBox died on me awhile back), but, from everything I’ve seen, I’ve very curious to try it. Check out the trailer below. They also have a website and are on Facebook and Twitter if you want to learn more.

Game of Thrones Character Illustrations

I spotted these awesome GoT character illustrations on, by an illustrator who goes by the name Elsa. It says on her blog that she’s a “concept and character designer at Disney Interactive.” Hopefully she’ll do more… like one of Hodor.

Tyrion Lannister

arya stark

eddard stark


Barristan Selmy

Portal Poll Dance

Another Portal inspired bit of fan creativity… yes, I consider this to be creative. Check out this girl doing a pole dance to “Now I Only Want You Gone,” the end song for Portal 2. Enjoy.

…I really need to play this game…

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