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Hey El Moochadors,

I wanted to post this earlier but with yesterday being a holiday I ended up sleeping in. Any way I wanted to focus on the next big holiday: Free Comic Book Day. Now for those of you who do not know what Free Comic Book Day is, it’s the first Saturday of May (this year is may 5th), where every major comic book company prints one to three comics that are given away for free. This holiday is meant to bring in new readers as well as boost business for the local retailers. Not every comic shop has the right to handle the distribution of the free comics any way they chose, but typically your given one free comic at random so you never really know what your gonna get.


So I plane on writing about some of the comics being given away, the ones that surprised me, some of the one that worry me, the ones I want, and the ones I pray I don’t get. There’s no surprise that Marvel will be giving away an Avenger Book, and also a Spider-Man. DC is releasing a book full of short stories all about the new 52, and a for Kids book all about Robin and Ace the Bat-Dog. So no real big surprise there. Image is doing the same thing it’s done for the last couple of years; a book of shorts that there gonna try and use to sell there other books. Now there are three books that surprised me to see on the list. Archie Comics is giving away a Mega Man comic that look kind of cool. Viz is giving way a brand new Voltron Comic. The third book that surprised me, and warmed my heart was to see on the list, was an 2000 AD Judge Dredd book. Now not every comic shops get 2000 AD so I think the Judge is going to be one of the harder books to get.


Now the book I saw on this list that I thought “O, God why” was “My Favorite Martian”. Now we’re not talking about the Martian Man Hunter or other Martians. We’re talking about a comic based on the 60’s TV show. When I saw the book I thought to my self “wow, they have to give this away.” Now the book that I really want to get is Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard is a beautiful universe onto its self, and on Free Comic Book Day Archaia Entertainment will be giving away a brand new story. Now later on this month Mouse Guard has a Trade coming out. But instead of just publishing pages out of that triad there giving us a brand new story for Free Comic Book Day.


Now there’s one more book that I need to talk about. Personally, I don’t care about this book, but it’s going to be one of the better comics coming out on Free Comic Book Day. Dark Horse will be putting out a book with two short stories one being a Star Wars book with Han Solo and Chewie dealing with a job gone wrong. The other short is a Serenity story. So firefly and Star Wars in one book only on free comic book day.


You can see the full list and find the closest comic book store at

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  1. As an inveterate miser I’d like to know, why didn’t anybody tell me about free comic books twenty years ago?

  2. Free comic book day has been going on since 2002, last year marvel gave a way free hero clicks as well.

  3. I’ve never really took advantage of it myself. I might though for the Dark Horse comics.

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