Evening Moo: Some Nifty DA Finds

Rise by wildlifehoodoo

Well, since I’m waiting for my clothes to finish in the dryer (yes, I’m naked…), and have a few minutes, I thought I would do a post. Lately I’ve been seeing some really nifty geek art on DeviantArt.com, and they’re all definitely worth a “moo.” The Batman illustration above (titled “Rise“) is by a U.K. artist, Andy Fairhurst (or wildlifehoodoo on DA). Says in the description that this was a T-Shirt design for a TDKR (The Dark Knight Rises) competition. Anyhow, he’s got more great work in his gallery worth taking a look at.

More stuff below

Adorable Tragedies 4-Kirk and Spock by Tony Fleecs

This one is by Tony Fleecs. I did a post a few days ago about this guys pulp covers that were pretty awesome. He’s got more of these “Adorable Tragedies” in his gallery that you should check out.

DCU: Catwoman II by Aigue-Marine

I thought this girl did a great job on her Catwoman cosplay. From what I gather, her name is Sina, and she’s a 22 year old cosplayer/singer from Germany. She’s got more great cosplay in her gallery (check out her Batgirl work!).

Well, Trog just informed me he’s done with the last Moocast and wants to record a “State of the Moo.” So it looks like I’ve gotta go do that. Sorry I can’t do more. Anyhow, later!

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  1. So now you’re podcasting naked?

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