Good evening El Moochadores! This won’t be a lengthy post because I’m finishing up with a new Atomic Moocast and I want to see if I can get it online tonight. However, Chudd and I came across some cool stuff that flaked off the internet and I wanted to post some of it here. Check it out!


Via Topless Robot, Check out this heart warming tale of a group of doctors trying to create the perfect boobs only to be turned into boob craving monsters. Wait, aren’t most doctors boob craving monsters anyways? Well, whatever. Give it a watch and let us know what you think about boobs and zombies.

Evil Dead 2: Rotoscoped!

What the hell is Rotoscoped? Well, whatever it is it looks pretty fucking amazing. Take a look at this amazing video via Pretend For Real Studios.

Okay folks, I’m tired and the Moocast is almost ready to come out the oven. Have a good night and we’ll have more Atomic Moo goodness online as soon as we can. G’night!

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