Good damn afternoon El Moochadores! A rare thing has happened, that being… I have some time off! Cool, huh? That’s right, this entire morning and going on into the afternoon I’ve had no place of employment I needed to be at and no real responsibilities. Hell, I just put pants on for the first time today a few minutes ago. Since waking it’s been nothing but lounging on the couch and watching cartoons via Adult Swim while using my body as a big “scratch and sniff” game. This has been the best morning in a long damn time and it’s put me in a good mood. So good in fact that I want to spread some good cheer here on Atomic Moo by posting some internet left overs I found online. Like…

Batman: False Start

Via Geeks are Sexy, I guess it took Batman a little while to get his groove down. Check out this very funny video about the Dark Knights first attempt at being scary.

Tony Stark vs Loki Clip

I’ve said it before on the Atomic Moocast that I’ve never really been an Avengers fan. I don’t think it’s a bad comic, it’s just one I never really read when I was younger, but, damn, now I kind of wish that I had. This new Avengers movie is looking great and I can’t wait to see it. Check out a small clip of Mr. Tony Stark chatting it up with demigod Loki.

Okay guys, I’ll post more later. I want to get back to loafing and relaxing. I’ll post more internet goodness later tonight, bye!

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