Evening Moo: Paper Craft Samus, Great Geek Art, and Some Sexy Cosplay

Paper Samus

Hey El Moochadors… A neighbor asked me to design a logo for him, and I want to get it done tonight, so, of course, I’ve been procrastinating. Trust me, it’s all part of the design process. Anyhow, after I talked with some of the other members of the Moocast on Skype (planning out tomorrow night), I found some really neat geek creative stuff tonight. That paper craft Samus (above) from Metroid was one of the first things to grab my attention (via Geekologie.com). It stands six feet, ten inches tall, and was created by Flickr user IAmThatOneGuy (not sure who that is…).

More images on their Flickr page for you to check out.

More stuff below…

Lair of the Rancor

Lair of the Rancor

I spotted this one on Geek-Art.net. It was created by Mark Daniels & Mark Steele. I love the pulp like feel of the poster… and does it say “Mucasfilm” at the bottom? Awesome…

Hot Velma

Velma2 by mariedoll

Gosh, I really hope I haven’t posted about this before, but if I have, what the hell? This girl is Fraking hot! I dunno, the whole Velma thing is kinda doing it for me. Anyhow, her name is Maria Ramos, and she’s a professional model from Houston,Texas. I came across her photos on DeviantArt.com, and I’ll post the other Velma ones below. She’s got more interesting images in her gallery and website though (I’m really liking her “nerd girl” series…).

Velma by mariedoll

Velma3 by mariedoll

Velma4 by mariedoll

That’s all I got for tonight. Shit, it’s 10:30… I really need to start on that logo… Later!

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