Evening Moo: How to Draw Star Wars/ Breaking into the Biz

How to Draw Star Wars: Break into the Biz!

Kind of a quick post here. Thanks to Sir Noel, I came across these videos by artist Matt Busch on how to draw Star Wars. These four here are part of a series he did on how to break into the illustration business. I actually found these really fun and informative. I do a lot of vector work, so I cringed a little when he started going off on “BEWARE OF THE DIGITAL SIDE!” Still, he’s got a point. Digital is just a tool, and you should “never forget the foundation of drawing, and the fundamentals of design.” I also liked what Lin Zy said about owning your title as an artist. Check them out below. I’m off to get a drink. Later!

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  1. My head pretty much exploded

    Have you submitted these to lucas-arts? I can imagine what THEY’D do!

    • I’m pretty sure they’ve already seen these. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys who put these together aren’t getting some sponsorship from them.

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