Hey El Moochadors. I gotta keep the post kind of quick tonight, but still, there’s a lot of nifty stuff floating around out there. I watched this awesome Star Wars inspired cartoon earlier (via Distracted by Star Wars), called SubWars. It was created by Vimeo user SeanSoong. I don’t know… I think I like the character designs best, but I also like the swift moving animation style. Check it out below.

A couple more things below….

Amazing Molotov Cocktease Geek Art

Molotov Cocktease by Juggertha

I spotted this in, by South Korean illustrator Juggertha (Ed Foychuk). Says in the description that he had never seen the show before. Still did a fucking incredible job… Damn I need to draw more….

Awesome Gears of War Cosplay

Alex Brand by Mariedoll

I just included this girl in a post the other day for her great looking sexy Velma cosplay. Her name is Maria Ramos (Mariedoll on I’ve never had the chance to play Gears of War (yet…), but hopefully soon I will. Also, hopefully she’ll keep up with the cosplay. More great images in her gallery, and on her website.

Alex Brand 2

Alex Brand in Action

Alright… I have to stop procrastinating and get back to work. Later!

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