Yesterday was my birthday,and as I started my second quarter of a century, I started to thank about the things I really want out of life. And after some deep thought it hit me I really want a jet pack.


We live in the year 2012 for crying out loud. We have cell phones that can make fart noises, yet I don’t even have the option of putting down a down payment on a jet pack? Well I found a company that makes jet packs. Martin Jetpacks have devolved a jetpack capable of 8000 feet, it can do a distance of 31.5 miles and can be driven for around 30 minuets. Currently the jetpack costs around $100,000. The only major problem with the Martin jetpack is the Government has classified it as a recreational vehicle. So what that means for your average Rocketeer? Well it means you can not fly in the city. You have to use your jet pack out in the country. Another issue is that before you fly to work in the morning you have to submit and get approve of all flight from the FAA. Martin Jetpack is not trying to sell their awesome product to just anyone as an result of these regulations; they’re looking for military contracts. One of the videos on their website suggests they want first responders to use jetpacks in medical emergencies. With that said, if you have the money you can buy one today. You just have to put in a special order with Martin. Even with that said, this gives me hope. Just take a look at older cell phones from the 90’s. At first only the rich had them, and then one day we all had them. So I leave you with some videos of my future jetpack.

Videos below….


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