Morning Moo: Geek Art, Awesome Cosplay, and Sexy Jedi Bubble Bath

The Ankle Biter

Sorry, it’s been awhile since I last did a post (many thanks to Buttery Wholesomeness, Nekko, and Trog for keeping the blog alive). Normally I don’t do one at this time of day, but I just finished a project (above), and I want to take a break before I jump into the next thing—and hell, it’s not like I’ve got a job to go to…. Anyhow, the illustration above was a mock comic book cover I put together using some elements from my microstock work. I’m not expecting much from it, other than a nifty piece to my portfolio, but I guess I just wanted to start working on the projects I’ve always have wanted to have. One of the reasons I started this site was to have something to create and design for, though lately I haven’t had much of a chance. Eh, who knows? Maybe if I keep doing more projects like this I’ll get the chance to design a real comic cover (and get paid for it), or, better yet, build Atomic Moo up to where we are producing our own books (I kind of like that idea better).

Anyways… more nifty stuff below.

The Amazing Alisa Kiss as Supergirl

DC 52 Supergirl by AlisaKiss

While I’ve got my DeviantArt page open, I might as well share something else I came across on there. Yeah, I know we’ve posted about this girl before (maybe a little too much…), but when you see her do stuff like this, how do you not end up with a fan boy crush on her? Hell, I never was really that attracted to blonds before either. More images of her work in her DA gallery, and it looks like she’s on Facebook as well.

DC 52 Supergirl1 by AlisaKiss

DC 52 Supergirl by AlisaKiss

Sexy Jedi Bubble Bath

Sexy Jedi Bubble Bath

Alright, I’m sold. My only criticism: could’ve used more Force removal of clothing like in their last one (yeah, I’m a pretty lonely guy…).

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. I better go do something more productive today so I’ll feel better about myself… Later!

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  1. Are you horning in on Dan’s “Spooky-cute” territory?

  2. Not intentionally… I might do things that are spooky and cute, but probably won’t ever go to his level of spooky cute (which is pretty spooky and cute… like level 20 spooky cute where as I’m only about… level 9… maybe…

  3. Buttery Wholesomeness

    05/10/2012 at 1:08 am


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