Evening Moo: Geek Art, Some Cosplay, and Other Stuff…

Vampirella by Thirteen-Fifty

Hey El Moochadors. Here’s something I’ve been working on the last couple nights. I finished it this morning, and got it on my DeviantArt account. I’m trying to do more pin up art, and I thought Vampirella was a good start. I wanted to do something different with her costume though. Probably not an original idea, but I thought I would try it. I know I put up some of my own work on here every now and then, but I really enjoy looking at the work of others, no matter the skill level. If any of you got a piece you want to share, feel free to contact us and we’ll put it a post (depending on our mood or state of laziness of course…).

More stuff below…

Evil-Lyn by Jeffach

Evil-Lyn by Jeffach

While I’ve got DeviantArt up in my browser, I thought I’d post a couple other things I spotted on there. The image above is by DA member Jeffach (Jeff Chapman). I don’t know if I’ve posted about him before, but this guy does some really kick ass work. What I really like is that he’s not just working from one image when he makes these. The Evil Lyn image above comes from these two images:

Fitness Model

Warrior Woman

He’s got more amazing looking images in his DA gallery (Red Sonja is pretty awesome), so definitely check it out.

Black Widow by Girogiacosplay

Totally Spy by Giorgiacosplay

This girl makes for a great looking Black Widow… hell, she makes for a great looking anything…. We’ve posted about her before. She goes by the name Georgiacosplay, and has a bunch more great looking cosplay in her gallery. Something else worth taking the time to check out.


I’m not sure what to say about this other than whoever made it should be nominated for Ruler of the Universe (by that I mean that I really liked it).

Jealous Siri

Tech geeks—or any one that can afford a smart phone… which isn’t me—should get a kick outta this. It’s by The PitNYC. They did that Hawkeye parody we posted not too long ago. Check it out and enjoy. I’ve got more vectoring to do, so later!

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