Afternoon Moo: Tetris the Movie, Awesome Geek Art, and an Interesting Idea for a SW Fan Film


Hey El Moochadors. Well, I’m not really getting anywhere with the projects I wanted to do today, so I thought I forget about it all and do a post. Here’s some interesting stuff I came across for you to check out, like this nifty looking teaser trailer for a Tetris film. Like it says in the description on the YouTube page, “If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?” Sure, why not? I still have to ask how the hell are they going to move the blocks in place and save humanity??? Looks like it’s being put together by Warialasky (I’m not sure if that’s a person or a group… or both). Anyhow, check out the trailer below, or go to their YouTube channel. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you want to follow them there.

More stuff below….

Rockabilly Batman

Batman Rockabilly Sketches by DenisM79

I came across this guy’s work earlier (via Probably one of the better ideas for a twist on Batman that I’ve seen. They’re by Italian artist Denis Midri. I’ll post a few more images from his Batman Rockabilly series below, but check out some of his other work in his DeviantArt Gallery (his Automan sketch is pretty badass).

Nightwing and Robin Rockabilly by DenisM79

Catwoman Rockabilly by DenisM79

The Riddler and Harley Quinn Rockabilly

Hughes the Force

Hughes The Force

Here’s the interesting idea for a Star Wars fan film. It’s a John Hughes/ Star Wars mash-up put together by a company called Absolute Value Pictures. I’ve only been able to watch part of it so far (I’ll finish it after I’m done posting… well actually I’m pretty hungry, so I’ll go grab a bite to eat then finish it), but so far it’s been enjoyable. Check it out below, or go to the film maker’s Website (GODDAMN they got an awesome background image!) to learn more about it.

Alright, I’m getting too hungry to go on. I need to feed. One thing though before I close this out. I just finished this illustration this morning I thought I’d share it here:

Henchman 21 by Thirteen-Fifty

I’m a huge Venture Bros. fan, and Number 21 is my favorite character on there. Like most stuff I do, this is vector. I’m trying to push myself to do more work like this, and as I do it I’ll share it on here. If any of you who actually read this blog have any of your own geek art you would like to share, feel free to contact us and we’ll post it. Wow, my stomach is really starting to rumble. Later!

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  1. Shouldn’t they be wearing bras on their heads?

  2. Buttery Wholesomeness

    05/27/2012 at 11:27 am

    That, right there, is an awesome #21.

  3. Thanks!

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