Evening Moo: Awesome Geek Art, and Some Nifty SW Stuff

The Avengers Drawing by Natmorely

Hey El Moochadors. Sorry, it’s been a few days since my last post, but life has been kind of crazy over here. It’s probably going to get even crazier in the next couple months, so sorry if the posts become a little more random and sporadic. Some good news though, Trog assures me he’ll have the next Moocast ready by tomorrow. Since I’ve forgotten what’s on this one, I look forward to hearing it. Anyhow, I did spot a few interesting things tonight, like the drawing above on DeviantArt.com. It’s by a girl U.K. artist, Nat Morley. Says in her profile she’s only 17… and she can draw like that? Wow! Check out her gallery for more of her drawings.

More stuff below….

M.C. Escher/Star Wars/Lego Mash-up

Star Wars Relativity V2

I came across this earlier on Nerdapproved.com (and it looks like they found it here). Damn, I wish I had more money for Legos. Anyhow, it was made by Paul Vermeesch, and it’s scenes from the original trilogy, but arranged like M.C. Escher’s “Relativity”. I’ll post a couple more images of it below, but click on the links above if you would like to see more.

Star Wars Relativity V2 by Paul Vermeesch

Star Wars Relativity V2 by Paul Vermeesch

Star Wars Themed Home Theater

Star Wars Themed Home Theater

I gotta make more money…. Anyhow, I saw this on Geektyrant.com tonight, and thought it was worth sharing. Says it’s for a Seattle couple that are “passionate Star Wars fans.” No shit. Again, I’ll post a couple more images of this totally kick ass home theater below, but click the link above if you’d like to see more.

Star Wars Themed Home Theater

Star Wars Themed Home Theater

Well, that’s about it. The only thing I’d like to mention is this illustration of the Invisible Woman that I finished last night:

The Invisible Woman by Thirteen-Fifty

It’s all vector. The transparent hand was kind of a bitch to work out…. Hopefully I’ll get to do more of these, and I’d definitely like to encourage you all to do your own geek art. Let us know if you do. Later!

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  1. Ha! I was so ready for the Invisible Woman to be a blank frame (the point being you were too busy to do any art stuff).

    Serious question: how did you manage to make a costume like that tasteful? It looks tight enough to be the waxy sheen of a medical cadaver.

  2. ah… thanks…? I don’t really try to make the characters look like dead bodies. I was trying for more of shiny/latex look I guess by using transparencies and blending modes in illustrator.

  3. Nah, she looks very much alive. I mean her costume is tight enough to see actual anatomical structures (clavical, trapezius, and are those ribs or just wrinkles in the latex?) but you managed to make it look wholesome and not prurient. So much fan art just looks like porny notebook doodles. This looks like a poster for the Brad Bird movie they’re making in our dreams.

  4. eh… we’ll say they’re ribs.

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