Han and Chewy by Joshua Covey

Hey El Moochadors. Feels like it’s been awhile since I last did a post. Alright, it has been awhile. Still, I’ve come across few really nifty things by some very creative people that are worth passing on. Like the illustration of Han and Chewbacca above. I spotted it on DeviantArt.com, and it’s by illustrator Joshua Covey. Check out this Slave Leia illustration he did below.

Slave Leia by Joshua Covey

Pretty f’n rad, right? He’s got more good stuff for you to see in his gallery.

More stuff below….

More Awesome Alternative Star Wars Toys by Sillof

Cyber Wars: Luna by Sillof

Remember Sillof, the guy who makes those great looking alternative Star Wars toys (Like Steam Punk or Old West Star Wars figures), well he’s got a new series out: Cyber Wars! It’s like cyber punk Star Wars. I’ll post a few of them below, but go to his gallery, or his site, to see the rest and more figures he’s created.

Cyber Wars: Boto Volt

Cyber Wars: Vector by Sillof

Cyber Wars: Chip3 and Rod2 by Sillof

Sexy Juliet Cosplay by PeachyKiki

Juliet by Burnsizzlemelt

We probably scared this girl off from ever coming back on the Moocast, but hey, it’s good to see she’s still doing some great looking cosplay. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what this was from, then I found out it’s from a new video game called Lollipop Chainsaw. I just watched the trailer for it, now I’m wishing I could play video games again. Anyways, check out her gallery for more great looking cosplay, or her website.

8-Bit Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I came across this earlier on Youtube, and I’ve must have watched it three times already. Looks like it’s by Freddiew and his crew. I’d say more, but I think you need to watch it to appreciate its awesomeness (also I just want to finish this post so I can go eat…). Enjoy!

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