Hola El Moochadores! Recently the great and mighty GeekTyrant.com posted a short animation from The Art of Stodoe featuring a very angry Incredible Hulk after he discovers there’s no more toilet paper left on the roll. To be honest I share an apartment with Chudd (Godfather of Atomic Moo) and from what I watched the Hulk and Chudd’s reactions to a lack of asswipes seems about equal. Anyhow, I liked the animation so much I decided to take a look at STODOE’s website. The Art of STODOE is the “online gallery of art and ideas of David Stodonly“. On the sidebar of his site, Stodonly, tells us he’s a Canadian animator who attended the animation program of Sheridan College and he now currently works for Dreamworks in Los Angeles, California. Check out a small sample of his work below and be sure to hit the link to see more of his great animation style and get updates on his blog at www.artostode.blogspot.com.


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