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Warning: the following was written under the influences of Nerd Rage, and therefore Atomic Moo is not responsible for any comments and the views and opines do not represent that of Atomic Moo’s.

Tomorrow the Amazing Spider-Man comes to theaters. About a week ago Scott Shaw (famed animator and artist) commented on Facebook on how he was underwhelmed at the look of the lizard in the new film and he preferred Steve Ditko’s original look of the character. When I read his post on Facebook my first thought was “yeah, Steve Ditko is the man.” Then I started to look at my old triads of Spider-Man, it was then that it dawned on me that their take on the Lizard was pretty close to Ditko’s. I had miss-remembered Ditko’s Lizard, and remembered the Lizard from the 90’s.

Now, I am no fan of the new Spider-Man film. I don’t plan on watching the film, I don’t even plan on watching the film online through a web site of ill repute. Spider-Man is iconic, and to change the costume the way they did in my mind does nothing but dishonors the men who worked on spider-man for almost 50 years. The costume in the film has a slit resemblance to the Ben Reilly Spider-Man but its still a long way away from that.

To my discontent, I have watched the trailer of this new film and there are two things that really piss me off. One is Spider-Man can’t seem to keep his mask on his face. Just within the trailer there are three scenes were his mask get removed in public. I know you want to give your actor screen time but Spider-Man wears a mask. And yes Peter is the guy we are routing for, but he needs that mask more then we need to see his face. The second thing that tweaks my nipple is that in the trailer we find out that Gwen Stacy will discover that her Boyfriend is Spider-Man. Something she never learns in the comics. Her father, the Chief of Police, dies in the comics and Gwen blames Spider-Man. So good old Peter can never tell the women he loves that he is Spider-Man. A much stronger story then the one that will appear on the screen tomorrow.

In Closing, I am sad because of this new film, and yes to get back to Scott Shaw’s point the Lizard is weak compared to what he has been in the comics. I am not the first person to point out that the Lizard looks like a Gooma from the Super Mario Bro’s Film.

I guess what I trying to get at is that this new film is not what Spider-Man can be. And for the next couple of months your gonna have to put up with stupid people saying “it was a good film!”

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  1. Well… can’t be as bad as Wolverine…

  2. I really don’t think this is a fair review at all. First, because you haven’t yet seen the film… It might actually be pretty good. Also because I don’t think it’s fair to attack a new incarnation of a character just because you’re a fan of the old comics. Even if the movie isn’t good, that still doesn’t disrespect the comics in any way. You still have the old comics and can enjoy them all you want. And, if the new movie is bad, I’m pretty sure they’re going to make more Spider-man flicks sometime in the near future (I hear they’re pretty popular with the kids…) and some of those are bound to be good. To me this whole article seems to be the level of nerd rage I can’t get on board with. We’re Atomic Moo, we give everything a chance until it face-plants and wets its pants–metaphorically.

  3. …and even then we’re still forgiving. Okay, I’ll say it. Fuck you all, I like Nick Cage.

  4. Buttery Wholesomeness

    07/02/2012 at 10:47 pm

    >Nick Cage


    On nerd-rage.

    Occasionally, it happens that I am not the only one here who gets angry (I think it’s cute, because they’re not as good at it as I am; it’s kinda like watching children take their first steps). I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but bear with me. Once in a while, those things which we hold dear, and have devoted our childhood to, get wiped on by the collective ass of pop-culture.

    Now, we’ve seen it before; role-playing has taken it’s share of shit. Don’t believe me? Fine. Three words. Mazes and Monsters. This movie was Reefer Madness-level bullshit. Tom Hanks goes nuts, and stabs people. It was like a Jack Chick-tract come to life. Assuming you didn’t catch that shit, please recall the Dungeons and Dragons movie. You remember. It had Marlon Wayans.

    Why were these movies total shit (don’t try to fight it. These movies were fucking horrible, and I’m pretty forgiving with movies)? They took unforgivable liberties with the intellectual properties they purported to represent. This, I believe, is what we’re witnessing in this post. We all know that Brandon is our comic-book guy. I think he should be given a bit of leeway. After all, this is his media.

  5. It’s amazing how well that first run of Spider-man comics has endured, isn’t it? The Lizard was his 6th issue, and here he is again half a century later.

    Wouldn’t it have been neat if they’d just decided to do a thirteen movie run like a Republic serial? They’re going to make at least that many films anyway.

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