So Far So Good at Comic Con

Okay El Moochadores, yesterday was our first full day of this years 2012 Comic Con, and it had it’s ups and downs but overall I’d say both Chudd and I had a pretty good time

During yesterdays events, Chudd, spent most of his day at the Portfolio review portion of the con, in hopes of landing a job in the industry, while I attended a few panels. Though I won’t post the images or video just yet (we’re leaving for the convention center in just a moment) I will say that the new seasons of Wilfred and Archer look like a blast and it was great to see their actors and producers joke around about what goes on behind the scenes.

There were a few “wow, that’s so bad we can only laugh about it later” moments that happened to us at the con. You know, the sort of stuff that makes you want to fist fight Peter Mayhew, but I’ll explain more later. Well, Brethren Moo, It’s back to the con!

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  1. Buttery Wholesomeness

    07/13/2012 at 11:31 pm

    My son would like to murder you in your sleep. You know, because it’s easier that way.

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