Firefly Fans are Crazy

This last Saturday at Comic-Con there was a ten year reunion for the cast of Firefly. The fine people at Comic-con put this event in Ballroom 20 witch holds 4,000 people. Not a bad estimate of how many people might be interested in seeing the cast of a one season television show that was canceled ten years ago. However, Firefly was underestimated once again. At 8 pm, of the night before the panel, over 60 people were in line. Two hours later, and the line had grown to over 300 people. By 7 am, when I got there, the line was over two miles long.  This is not an estimate: the line started inside and then left the convention hall where it the stretched for over a mile and then warped back around to the convention doors. Even if Comic-Con had placed this event in the bigger Hall H, people would have been sent away. Comic-Con’s biggest room only fits 6,000.

Comic-Con does plan for these kinds of situations. At the end of each day, Comic-Con has a screening of all the major panels in ball room 20. 2,000 more people were denied access to the screening of the Firefly panel because twice in the same day Firefly filed ballroom 20. With all that said, I will now leave you with a video of the panel, the hottest ticket at Comic-Con.

PS: In the video Joss talks about last night.  He had a couple of drinks and then, at 2 am, he walked down the line of the fans camping out for Firefly.  This man loves his fans.

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  1. Hey, I love my fans too. Not enough to mingle with them, of course.

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