Film Critic or Troll

Marshall Fine, a Film Critic, posted a negative review of “Dark knight Rises.” Now he is receiving death threats. Being a film critic, Fine was able to see the film before it comes out this weekend. He posted a negative review on Rotten Tomatoes, and as a result we now have negatives on the tomato meeter. As of writing this post the meeter is at 85%. I think part of the hate comes from the fact that fine is tearing apart this film before the every man even gets a chance to watch it. Fines web site crashed several time do to the incoming hate mail. Rotten Tomatoes had to make a post reminding people that if the violate the terms of agreement they will be removed from the site(meaning it’s a film there’s no need to send death threats).

Now normally I would be on Fine’s side saying “you cant threaten some because they have bad taste”. However in Fines “the Dark knight Rises a dissenting View” he goes on to make fun of and tear apart the entire Nolan’s Trilogy. Attacking “Batman Begins” and moving on up to “the Dark knight”. So if He does not like “Batman Begins” then I am not interested in his opinion as a film Critic, and I would just ignore his opinion.

But with that said I believe Fine is Trolling in away saying these things for attention. He might have gotten negative attention but its still attention considering I did not even know who he was until last night. Why else would you make fun of and bash an trilogy of films when your job is to review one film.

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  1. It’s hard not to dislike someone who sees a movie before you, and then bashes the entire series before you’ve even seen the next expansion on the story…

    But maybe i’m being a bit too hasty, What WOULD be an appropriate reaction?

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