Terrafom by ArtFx

Well… this has been a truly horrifying weekend. I wasn’t able to get tickets for Comic-Con next year despite having a four-day pass this year and making sure I was on at 8:00 am. I guess I was wrong in my assumption that the would actually have enough tickets for those who purchased four day passes this past year. Then the fucktards at the Apple store told me on Thursday to bring my iMac back in today and they’d get her fixed up, only to find out that, nope, they can’t do shit for another three to five days. What blows my mind is that some fucking asshole actually got paid for coming up with the idea to refer to those meandering crusted jizz stains as “Geniuses”. So to cheer myself up I went out and bought Seven on DVD. I felt like I needed to see some people die in some really awful and terrible ways.

Anyhow, since I’m resigned to using a laptop that’s really only good for checking email and watching YouPorn, I thought I’d check my reader and see if I could find anything of interest. I did come across this nifty looking short film called Terraform by ArtFx on Vimeo. It’s all in French, but don’t hold that against it. It still looks pretty cool. Anyhow, check it out below and let us know what you think.

Terraform from ArtFx on Vimeo.

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