Damn… I almost bought a rat tonight. Or would’ve except the bitch at the pet store kept trying up-sale me on rat supplies. “You can’t put it in a cardboard box, it’ll eat its way out! Here! Here’s a rat approved cage for only… oh… $89.00. Oh, and don’t forget, it’ll need a water dish ($10.99), water bottle ($9.99), a large sack of food ($19.99), a copy of Ratatouille on Blu-ray ($24.99)—wait, you don’t have Blu-ray??? Well, we’ll set you up with that too ($79.99), along with a flat screen ($1199.99), rat-sized sofa ($129.99) and surround sound system ($249.99) so it can really get the full experience….” How the fuck did rats survive before we put’em in cages? The strange thing was that the rat was only $15.00 by itself! I guess that’s how they hook’ya.

Anyhow, I didn’t really want to get on and bitch about the perils of buying a rat. I came across these awesome ads (via for a Brazilian Cineplex… in Brazil… I’m not sure if you were getting that. At the very least I thought Trog would get a kick outta them, ’cause he speaks Portugese. No, really he does. He spent two years down there peddling religion for a popular cult based out of Utah (and I got sent to fucking Sacramento… the English speaking parts).

Check out the rest below. I got stuffs to do. Later!

More Below!






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