Hey El Moochadors! I knew we all are still sexually aroused from Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises” but get ready for the next Batman film. Warner Brothers Animation is doing a adaptation of Frank Millers’ “Dark Knight Returns.” Arguably one of the greatest stories in Batman history.

The film is Directed by Jay Oliva with Bruce Timm as executive producer. They have taken this epic and broken it up into two parts. Which, if your to old to have read the story when it originally was published, you might think is odd. But “Dark knight” was originally four issues not one hard-back graphic novel. “Dark Knight Returns part one” will be issues one and two wile the second part will be issues three and four.

More below!

The first DVD will hit the stories September 25, while part two is set to be released some time in 2013. Peter Weller is playing Bruce Wayne/ Batman while Ariel Winter is playing the controversial Carrie Kelley Robin, Michael McKean is playing the voice of Dr. Wolper.

I personally have been looking forward to an adaptation of “Dark Knight Returns” for years. It was the main inspiration for Timm Burton’s Batman. I could go in grater details about the story, but if your not familiar with the Now York Times best seller then you probably should go out and get a copy.

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