Batgirl: Spoiled

When I log into WordPress to do a post, I’m always surprised by the amount of spam we get for such a small site. We don’t get very many visitors, but I still end up deleting twenty-some ads for penis enlargement or luxury watches when my dashboard comes up. I don’t know if it’s worth saying here or not to the fucktards who keep trying to post that shit in our comments section, but in the two years that I’ve had this site up I’ve never let one of those through. All of Atomic Moo’s loyal El Moochadors already have very large dicks, and none of us need watches (our dicks also serve as sundials…).

Well, sorry but I don’t remember where I first saw this fan made Batgirl trailer (Batgirl: Spoiled). Honestly I don’t think it matters. What matters is spreading the word on this. I’m not that familiar with the Batgirl character, though I kind of like seeing girls cosplay as her at Comic-Con. This one here in the trailer doesn’t disappoint, and is very easy on the eyes. I’ll definitely check out the first episode of the series when it comes out. Check out the trailer below, but also visit their site. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you want to learn more. Later!

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