Awesome Geek Art of Denis Medri

Wonder Woman Re-design by Denis Medri

Holy crap it’s getting hot in here! I guess summer is finally catching up to us here in Carlsbad. Good thing Trog and I are paying close to $1200 a month for a place that doesn’t offer A/C. We are not smart… I better make this a quick post. I’m thinking today would be a good day to take advantage of the pool the apartments offer. Although, in the four and a half years I’ve been here, I’ve only ever went swimming in it once. If you saw some of our neighbors and their festering offspring they drag around here, you’d think twice too before cannonballing in to it. Still, I might just take my sketch book out there and enjoy the sun, and, if I get our there early enough before all the mouth breathers, I might just take a dip.

Anyhow, on to the post. I came across this guy’s work on awhile ago. I think I’ve might have posted about some of his work before, but I can’t remember for sure or not. If I have, well then, his stuff is worth a second post. His name is Denis Medri, an illustrator from Cesena, Italy. I’m really liking the alternative versions of some popular characters he’s worked up. Like the Old West Wonder Woman above. I’m also liking his Star Wars “80’s High School” Redesigns.

Star Wars 80s High School

I think my favorite though is the Batman Rockabilly work he’s done.

Batman Rockabilly

I’ll post a few more images below, but check out his DA Gallery or his blog for more awesome work. Later!

Star Wars 80s High School R2 and C-3P0

Green Lantern-Old West

Rhino Steampunk

Spider-Man Steampunk

Cat Woman Rockabilly

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  1. Mutton chop Green Lantern is great.

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